Winnerwell® Pentagon Stove SKU 910263


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Winnerwell® Pentagon Stove SKU 910263

Five viewing windows creates a cozy bonfire atmosphere.The unique pentaganal design allows you enjoy watching the 
flames from any views.



Name:                            Winnerwell® Pentagon Stove
Material:                         AISI304 Stainless Steel for Stove
                                      1680D Oxford for Carrying Bag
                                       Nylon+PE board for PE Pad
Assembly Dimension:    780(L)mm×555(W)mm×2740(H)mm /

Pipe Diameter:               89mm / 3.5in
Total Net Weight:           approx. 23kg / 50.7lbs
Contain:                         Stove Body×1, Spark Arrestor×1, Pipe×6, Airflow Controller×1,

                                       D-shaped Grate×2, 
                                       Heat Shield×1, Ash Scraper×1, PE Pad×1set, Carrying Bag×1


With five viewing windows, the Winnerwell® Pentagonal Stove creates an enchanting bonfire atmosphere, allowing you to savor the mesmerizing dance of flames from every view. Plus, the well-designed secondary combustion system, drawing air through the holes above the glass panels, ensures exceptional burning efficiency, keeping your fires burning bright and warm. Embrace the warmth, beauty, and practicality of Winnerwell® Pentagonal Stove for unforgettable outdoor moments. Whether you're camping in the wilderness, hosting a backyard gathering, or exploring the world of outdoor cooking, the Pentagonal Stove promises to elevate your experience to a new level of enjoyment.



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