Winnerwell® Iron Grill Plate SKU 910519


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● Perfect size matched Winnerwell® Iron Camping Cooker Stove with bottom anti slip design.
● When used on Winnerwell® regular stoves, campfires, etc, both sides of the plate are usable to achieve cooking versatility.
● One side designed with strips can impart beautiful grill patterns to the food and collect excess grease in the grooves. The other flat side makes it easy to fry and cook different food.
● The detachable handle makes it convenient to move the plate.
● The built-in bottle opener adds an extra function to the handle.



Material: Cast Iron

Size of Plate: 205(L)mmx140(W)mmx11.5(H)mm / 8.1(L)inx5.5(W)inx0.45(H)in

Length of Handle: 186mm / 7.3in

Net Weight: Approx. 1.2kg / 2.6lbs




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