Winnerwell® Camping Table Low Set SKU 910443


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Winnerwell® Camping Table Low Set          Patented Design

Solid stainless steel table top is suitable for Dutch Oven cooking.

A popular low table that can also be used as a side table for chairs, a cooler or a kettle rack.

Material: AISI304 Stainless Steel
Storage Dimension: 540(L)mmx420(W)mmx35(H)mm / 21.3(L)inx16.5(W)inx1.4(H)in
Assembly Dimension: 540(L)mmx420(W)mmx440(H)mm / 21.3(L)inx16.5(W)inx17.3(H)in
Net Weight: 5.3kg / 11.7lbs