Winnerwell® Guyline Peg Set SKU 910482


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Winnerwell® Guyline Peg Set - your trusted ally for securing outdoor gear effortlessly. Perfect for camping, hiking, and any other outdoor activity, this robust and reliable set keeps your tents, tarps, and equipment firmly in place, undeterred by varying weather conditions. Its versatility and universal compatibility make it an indispensable companion for all your outdoor endeavors.

  • Made from durable AISI304 stainless steel, the pegs resist wear, damage, and deformation, enduring heavy use. It securely anchor in diverse terrain, withstanding strong tensions and impacts.
  • The nylon guyline is incredibly tough, withstanding sun, rain, and tugging, without breaking, showcasing exceptional durability that is perfect for outdoor applications.
  • The top hook design of the peg facilitates effortless guyline attachment, ensuring a secure hold that prevents accidental detachment.
  • Equipped with a cord tensioner, the guyline allows for quick and convenient tension adjustments, ensuring optimal stability in varying conditions.
  • Weighing in at just 980g, the complete set is incredibly portable and easy to transport.
  • Come with a compact container bag, it keeps the pegs and guyline neatly organized, conserving space, simplifying management, and preventing loss.



Peg (AISI304 Stainless Steel): LxD=300mmx8mm / 11.8inx0.3in

Guyline: LxD=4.5mx4mm / 177.2inx0.16in

Guyline Buckle: LxT=40mmx2.5mm / 1.57inx0.1in

Net Weight (complete set): 0.98kg / 2.2lbs

Contain: 7x Peg, 3x Guyline, 1x Container Bag